Monday, September 22, 2008


This is how I am feeling. I swear my name is never going to change. AND we had to send off my rings to get re-sized, because they are such wide rings they fit tighter than regular rings. So its like I'm not even effing married at all, no wedding rings no new last name. Blah.


  1. It will be fine. I promise. A marriage is not a ring and a last name my dear.

  2. I know. Just made me feel special. Like showing the world someone out there loves me. LOL Silly I know.

  3. Understandable. But don't let the minor details get you down. Marriage is about the commitment you have made to be honest, true, forgiving, and to unconditionally love the man you chose "til death do you part (with or without a ring)", not "only when I have my ring on and my name is changed". And i'm no professional so i don't want to sound condesending or anything, but i took my vows based on the fact that i am going to be with this man forever and ever...fat or handsome, bald or hairy, teeth or no teeth, smelly or not smelly. And if i could have written my own vows I would have. lol


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