Monday, October 20, 2008

Heather's Curse Continues!

Today is a brand new day. And I am enjoying it. I have goals. And today is the day that I will put them into action. No, I'm not running for President, I don't think that I could handle the headaches for that, and forget about sick days. And I'll be honest, I don't want my phone ringing at 3am.

But I do have goals. Big goals, but broken down into small increments to make them more reachable without being discouraged half way through.

So remember when Heather farted on Dallas's Cowboys Blanket and then they lost? Well, Heather, they are still losing. And yesterday they lost bad. 34-14 yesterday. And from what I understand, Romo is out with a broken pinkie! Four to six weeks! WAY TO GO HEATHER! The lesson from all of this? Don't let Heather "let out air" from her booty on you, it can only lead to heartache and trouble. : ) Poor Romo.

-Side Note- I just had a call from a lady with the last name Arreola. No, for real.

That is all I really have for today. I'm working on my Goal List, not the same as my To Do List.

What goals do you have set?

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