Monday, December 29, 2008

Who Keeps Resolutions Anyway..

Every year, I have a conversation with my self. I don't make resolutions so much as I try to set goals. And if I give them short term time frames, it helps me stay accountable for them. Like by the end of January, I want to have my closet reorganized. That kind of stuff. This year, I think I am going to put my list of goals and stuff on my fridge, so its there everyday for me to see. Monthly goals. And at the end of the month if I get them all done, I'll reward myself, with something totally awesome. What do you think?

I am about 150 pages away from being done with the last Twilight book. I am pretty sure that I am having an affair with these books. They get into my mind. This fourth book has been pretty good so far. And all I have to say is thank goodness they finally got it on. LOL all the buildup was a killer. I like to read it, the little things that Edward does and says reminds me of my husband. He's really super sweet, but I don't think that everyone sees that. But that's okay, because he's mine..

What kind of goals/resolutions are you setting for the brand new year ahead of us?


  1. #1. I am re-doing the carpet in my house. Wood in the front, carpet in the back. That's our project for the year that we must get done. #2. Getting my 3rd bedroom turned into a bedroom and not so much a junk room. In case we have people over one day. #3. Your closet idea sounds like a great idea. I definately need to get that done! lol #4. Teach the dogs new tricks. "Fetch me a Dr. Pepper." Well, that would be joe's trick. If Wingnut and Bullet could pour me a glass of tea or get me some water, that would amaze the socks off me!

  2. Who does keep resolutions!?!?!?! Or BLOGS!!! Nuttier Than Squirrel Shit


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