Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jobs That Former Trucker Ladies Shouldn't Have

I've just been harassed because I haven't blogged in a bit LOL I'm so sorry. I guess that I should have known my blog would be such a hit with folks, and they would yearn for my next post. I'm sorry your life hasn't made sense in a week because I haven't posted any new stuff for you! I will try not to let it happen again.

So on Saturday, I went to a "For Ladies Only" party with my good friend Angela. It was a lot of fun, its nice to get together with girls and just hang out and have fun. And then we had to take a "Sensuality Quiz", and I scored the highest. Which was, well a little embarrassing LOL. They weren't like, crazy kinky questions or anything, so don't worry. And what did I win for having the highest score? A little blue penis, for me to put on top of a pen, or a light switch, or hide somewhere in Zack's car. My friend who threw the party was like "hey you can invite your sisters and mom too". Um, no thank you! Well, I did invite Heather, but apparently she's not so much into those parties. I tried to tell her they were fun, it wasn't like a big lesbian orgy and once she showed up we were going to try to convert her or anything.. But, whatever bakes her cookie. Angela and I had a lot of fun.. and I'm just saying, the last one I went to, the lady that was in charge of it all, was like, a truck driver lady. Mullet, moles, missing teeth, the whole nine yards. AND she was telling us stories about her key chain, and about the "adult frosting" she used on her grand daughters birthday cake. How do you politely say "Whoa there truck driver lady, we so do not need to know all this about you, I mean, we just met!". I know, right? This girl who did this time was younger and not disgusting. Thank goodness.

And now, I'm not saying that I bought anything. But if I was going to, I would pay cash. Because I don't even want to think about what the bank people would think seeing that on my card lol and what kind of mailing list that would put me on LOL.

That's it for now I think..

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  1. creepy party....but glad you had fun.


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