Friday, April 3, 2009

Fear Street

That's where I've been hanging out lately. Next Sunday is Easter, and my husbands birthday. To celebrate, we are headed out to his mom's house to visit. I'm really excited, we haven't been out there since Christmas. What I'm afraid of is my head. The way its been behaving lately has been less than friendly. I mean big time migraines every day, emergency visits every two weeks at least. This is not a good thing. Its bad enough at home, and there are two emergency clinics a mile from my apartment, and a hospital less than ten miles. But driving out to Loyal OK, if I get a mega bad one, I'm screwed, no where to go.

Now, when I end up in the emergency, they tell me I should see my neurologist about a better "back up plan" (as if going there was my very first choice, please!) and I fully agree. Something to use when the migraine gets so bad I'm willing to go to the emergency. I called my neurologist day 3 of a migraine, explained I've taken everything I'm supposed to, the darvocet (sp?) didn't help at all, its not okay for me to have to spend 25 or 100 bucks every time I can't get rid of one, what can I do? His nurse calls me back and leaves a message about how he won't prescribe anything stronger than darvocet, and if it still hurts, go to the ER. Grrr, really?! That's the only answer?! Thanks for nothing Pringles Lookin Man.

So, I go see him again in May, where I'm going to have to tell him, listen dude, this "go to the ER" nonsense doesn't help me. They look at me like all I want is drugs, and you make me feel guilty for getting them so bad.

But my point in all this is, how do I ease the fear of spending two days almost in a place where there's nowhere close to go, and medicine that rarely works?! And further, what kind of "back up plan" should I be looking for, is there such a thing? Help!

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  1. have you tried laying off the diet coke and maybe trying real coke? And I know it's hard and all and this is definately not the answer that will solve anything but...maybe just think about something else. Don't think about getting a headache while your down there. Ya know? Just go down there to have a great time as you always do and just outsmart the migraine! And I know i'm probably the last person you need to hear the previous comment from being that I do not have the annoyance of migraines as often as you do, but, i don't know, girl. Sorry.


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