Friday, April 24, 2009


I am on a quest to find a good Neurologist. After going to the Emergency Clinic on Easter Sunday, and then still having a migraine on Monday, I called my current neuro, who told me that he can't help me. And recommends that I stop taking birth control pills, which hello, I stopped back in September and it should be in your little chart. It is such a punch to the gut feeling when your doctor tells you "I can't help you". I was so upset and so mad that I couldn't breathe. So I went to the ER, where they pumped me full of drugs, did a cat-scan, and sent me home with meds (that actually worked, what a novel idea!). I've made an appointment with my family doctor, to discuss finding a new neuro, along with other things that have been bothering me, like how I can't sleep. Hopefully he can help me find a doctor that can help me, who won't give up on me. I am a good patient, I take notes, come ready with all my paperwork nice organized in a folder. Frustrating. At first, this doctor seemed like he would finally be able to help me, and then he gave up on me. I mean I know that my migraines are difficult, but THAT'S HIS JOB! Right?

I'm just ready to feel normal most of the time. Tired of having the damn head pain, and when I don't have a headache, I'm tired of being afraid I will get one. I'm afraid of doing anything, cuz it might make my head hurt. I'm tired of having a small regular headache turn into a monster migraine. Can't I just be normal? I'm tired of trying to explain to people who have never had one why I can't be at work when they get to a certain point. Tired of listening to the "headache" comments, even if they are just joking. I'm tired of the "jokes" about how much I don't come to work. I'm tired and I'm sick of it all. I don't need the added grief, I'm struggling enough as it is.

Sorry, just another complaining blog.



  2. The search for a doctor who can help is so stressful. It took me about five years to find a neuro I could trust, and now I'm blessed with two! I see a doctor in the town where I live and another in Dallas. I feel very lucky to have them.


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