Thursday, July 9, 2009

How you doin?

Somedays I really hate that question. "How are you?". Such a simple, polite question, right? Yah, unless your real answer is something less than "oh just fine!". If you're not okay, its a dreaded question, brings on the mini-panic attack inside your head about what you should answer..

Only a few people in my world get the honest answer to the question. Most of the time I lie, I say I'm fine when I'm not. I put on my best smile and fake it as well as I can. To my closest friends and family, they don't usually need to ask how I am, they can tell from my eyes, or hear it in my voice. And if they do ask, I don't have to lie, but I usually downplay the pain I'm in. I get tired of hearing myself think and say the words "my head hurts". I feel like a whiney baby.

The other question I don't like is "how are you feeling?" or "how is your head?". Its an honest question, and an understandable one. But it makes me feel like that is the only thing I am known for, I am just my disease. And I'm not. I'm much more than just a migraine sufferer. Even if it doesn't feel like it most days of the week..

How do you answer the "How are you?" question?

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