Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Bet They Used To Lock People Like Me Up

Not because I am criminally insane or anything (well, not proven yet, and that makes me innocent!), but because back in the day when the "experts" didn't know what was wrong with people, they locked them up. Gave them lobotomies. Electric Shock Treatment. Stoned them. Burned them at the stake. You get the point. So I bet that people who suffered from the severe intractable migraines we're thought of as crazy. And hell, I know what I have and I still think I might be crazy.

Its just the pain gets so bad, so out of control, that I probably sound crazy. "It feels like there is a hand on fire squeezing the left side of my brain!". Don't forget about the visual disturbances that come with these killer headaches too! "I'm seeing flying spots in my periph!". Try explaining that to someone who's never experience it. The super human sense of smell is always special. "Dude, I can smell the neighbors trash!". And how about the sensitivity to sound. "The sound that I can feel hurts." That would be like, the bass in music, the airconditioner turning on, my own heartbeat in my ears. Add the deliciousness of severe nausea and puking to the mix and well, you got yourself one hell of a party!

Since they seem to know so little about migraines now, imagine what they really didn't know back then! I'll bet all those crazies locked up way back in the day were actually people like me.


  1. oh my goodness that sounds horrible. I am so sorry. I get headaches but not in any means severe and I want to shoot someone when I get them... :(

  2. wow that sounds so terrible! I can't imagine having to deal with all of that, and as often as you do! I am so sorry. I am glad though that we know that they are migraines and no one is locking you up or trying to perform an exorcism on you or anything lol

  3. Thanks for the add, I also added your button to my page!

    That is brutal! I have a few friends with migraines and I fear having one.

    Thinking of you!


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