Sunday, February 21, 2010

Meet Dallas

My husband. Love of my life. Goofball.

  • He's an Aries. (Not sure what it means, I just like to give out his sign.)
  • He's a member of the Science Fiction Book Club. (No, really.)
  • His favorite movie is The Crow.
  • He recently bought Heavy Metal 2000. (He said it was just like a joke purchase, but I'm sure it has something to do with the naked cartoon boobs!)
  • He is very shy. (Painfully shy.)
  • He hates the music that I listen to, not thick enough he says. (He listens to Metallica, blech!) 
  • He spoils me. (<3)
  • He works with his hands and comes home dirty every day.
  • He likes to wrestle dogs. (Dogs we know, he doesn't like challenge neighborhood dogs or anything)
  • He refuses to watch any reality TV. (I love reality TV, but not the ones that are a big game!)
  • He loves his mother, and shows it.
  • He will stop a movie, and replay a part that he thinks is funny. I can tell when its about to happen by the way he laughs.
  • He owns the movie Orgazmo.
  • He is scared of toenail clippers. (Maybe a bad childhood experience?)
  • He doesn't to facebook, blog, or tweet.
  • He has alien toes. (I'll try to see if I can get a picture!)
  • He makes up totally lame jokes, and then laughs hysterically. (Like the Lipitor joke.. Lip - I - Tore. Get it?!)
  • He loves me for the strange quirky person I am. (What more could anyone ask for?)


  1. awww so sweet, well minus the alien toes lol

  2. hahaha I loved this post! And ew at toes (I'm a major un-fan of feet)

    What does your husband do for a living? Mine works on cars so he comes home dirty every day (and smells like oil and tires, ew)

  3. Aw, what a sweet post.

    My husband is the same way about replaying a funny part in a movie or show. And I can always tells when it's about to happen :)


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