Friday, March 19, 2010

Just A Little Crush

I've started seeing promos for the new season of True Blood on HBO (coming June 13!) and it has rekindled my lust for Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard). There is no other word for him than DELICIOUS. I've seen him in a few things here and there, like Zoolander. Poor little Meekus. But he didn't really start rocking my boat until the 2nd season of True Blood, when he got blood in his hair while it was being highlighted and had to cut it all off. All of a sudden he was just too hot for words.

If you don't watch True Blood, you should. Find the first two season and watch them before the new season starts. And read the Sookie Stackhouse books. They are different, but equally as good. Especially when you picture Eric Northman..


  1. Oh my lord. I'm with you on all of this. When Eric got his hair cut in True Blood he just stood out and was like ultimate sexiness. I couldn't believe it.

    I have a lot of a crush on him (it's more than a little, haha).

    I really like the Eric in the books too. Oh my.

  2. Woman, I will fight you for him. HE IS MINE!


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