Friday, March 26, 2010

Just A Little Crush

I won't lie. I'm kind of a dork. And I'm okay with that. This week, Encore WAM has been playing Airborne a lot, and I'm sure that I've watched it every single time its been on. Why? Because I freakin' LOVE that movie. Seriously. Its so good! And when I have a pet shark, I will name him Pepe. Thats only funny if you've seen the movie.. Shane McDermott. Ooh la la. Look at him, he was made for an 11 year old girl crush (thats about how old I was when I saw the movie..). He hasn't done much acting since then, now he's an artist.


  1. Definately crush worthy!!!!

  2. omg I remember him from "Swan's Crossing" Did you ever watch that show? Sarah Michelle Gellar was on it too. I had a crush on him during that show, so cute!


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