Friday, July 2, 2010

The Award For Best Baby Shower Ever..

Of course goes to me! Why? Because I kinda rock at baby showers.

And a little side note.. This is my 200th post!

As you all know, I was kind of last minute told I was already supposed to have been helping with my sister's baby shower. Not a big deal, it was just that it was like 3 weeks before the shower, and nothing had been done. And I tend to stress myself out, because I want everything to be perfect. This was my sister's first baby shower, she doesn't get that back if I mess it up.

I was in charge of the games, the favors and the prizes.

The Games

We started with a baby related Madlib. As people were doing their introductions, we asked them for whatever we needed, the adjective, verb, location, etc. Then while we were doing other stuff, we got it all filled out, to read it later towards the end of the shower.

(1)_______________ stopped everything she was doing when she felt a sudden

painful contraction in her (2)_______________. Of course, the first thing she did

was go to the (3)_______________ and (4) ______________, to keep her mind off of

the discomfort. When the contractions became more frequent,

(5) _______________ suggested that she (6)_________________, till she knew for

sure if she was in labor. She 7)______________________ declined. She was sure it

was time to go to the 8)__________________ and give birth to her

(9)_______________ baby.

Before leaving she called the (10)_______________ and said she would be leaving

right after she (11)_______________. Within (12)_____ minutes of hanging up the

phone, she was to the point where she could not even

(13)_______________________ during a contraction.

When (5)_______________ walked into the (14)_______________ and saw

her on her hands and knees (15)_______________, he said “we are going NOW!”

and quickly packed up the (16)_______________ and got everything ready.

The drive to the (8)__________________ was (17)__________________. When

(1)_______________ arrived, the (10)_______________ examined her. She was

(18)_____ cms dilated and the baby's (19)_______________ was right there. The

(10)_______________ suggested she try (20)_______________ through a few

contractions. It worked! Her (21)_______________ broke. (22)_____ more pushes

and a loud (23)_______________ later, the baby was born.

Baby (24)_________________ was so perfect, with a (25)________________

(26)_______________, and (27)_____ fingers and toes. Everyone noticed

immediately that the baby had her father's (28) __________ and her mother's


She weighed (30)_____ pounds, (31)_____ ounces and was (32)_____ inches long.

01. _______________ (new mother/mother-to-be)

02. _______________ (body part)

03. _______________ (location)

04. _______________ (present tense verb)

05. _______________ (new father/father-to-be/birthing coach)

06. _______________ (present tense verb)

07. _______________ (adverb)

08. _______________ (location)

09. _______________ (adjective)

10. _______________ (professional)

11. _______________ (past tense verb)

12. _______________ (number)

13. _______________ (present tense verb)

14. _______________ (room)

15. _______________ (verb ending in 'ing')

16. _______________ (vehicle)

17. _______________ (adjective)

18. _______________ (number)

19. _______________ (body part)

20. _______________ (verb ending in 'ing')

21. _______________ (thing)

22. _______________ (number)

23. _______________ (exclamation)

24. _______________ (baby('s) name)

25. _______________ (adjective)

26. _______________ (body part)

27. _______________ (number)

28. _______________ (body part)

29. _______________ (body part)

30. _______________ (number)

31. _______________ (number)

32. _______________ (number)

We also played Who Knows The Mommy-To-Be the Best. I got about twenty questions together, and got the answers from my sister. We asked all the guests to answer, and whoever go the most won a prize.

1. When is Heather’s birthday?

2. What is Heather’s favorite color (specific)?

3. What is Heather’s middle name?

4. When Heather was in 2nd grade, what did she change her first name to?

5. What is Heather’s favorite TV show?

6. How big was Heather when she was born?

7. What colors did she pick for Bailey’s nursery?

8. Where did Heather and Jake meet?

9. How many aunts and uncles will Bailey have?

10. What was Heather’s first car?

11. How many pairs of maternity undies does Heather have?

12. What is Heather’s favorite food?

13. What date did Heather find out she was pregnant?

14. How many kids does Heather want to have?

15. What is Heather’s favorite movie of all time?

16. What strange cravings has Heather had?

17. Where does Heather work?

18. How many pairs of flip flops does Heather have?

19. What is Heather’s dog’s full name?

20. Who is Heather’s favorite singer?

Next was the purse scavenger hunt, I put the list of items on the tables, so the guests could go through their purses as the shower went on. And whoever had the most on the list won the prize.

1. Dental Floss

2. Grocery Store Receipt

3. Form of Birth Control

4. Cassette Tape

5. Shopping List

6. Piece of Candy

7. Colored Paper Clip

8. Family Picture

9. Single Earring

10. Bobby Pin

11. Gum Wrapper

12. Business Card

13. Nail Polish

14. iPod/MP3 Player

15. Pen with colored ink

16. Post-It

17. Tissue

18. Toy

19. Flier

20. Invitation To This Shower

Other games were Guess How Many.. I put 196 Sugar Babies (ha, get it? Sugar BABIES!) in a baby bottle, and whoever guessed the closest won the bottle and all the candy in it. We were going to do a sock matching game that I played at my best friend's shower, but we ran out of time.

The Favors

I made a CD to give out as favors, along with a poem. And some flower pens that my husband made for me while I was at work.

Track List

1. Baby Baby – Amy Grant

2. Hey Baby – Bruce Channel

3. Forever Young – Rod Stewart

4. Baby Love – Diana Ross & The Supremes

5. Be My Baby – The Ronettes

6. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Frankie Valli

7. Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder

8. Can’t Get Enough of You Baby – Smashmouth

9. Hey Baby – No Doubt

10. Always Be My Baby – Mariah Carey

11. Sweet Child of Mine – Guns n’ Roses

The Poem

I'm really glad that you could come

And help surprise my mother

Sit down, relax, enjoy yourselves

And chat with one another

Sorry I can't be with you

To join in Mommy's shower

But I'm very busy you see

I'm growing more each hour

Though I'm not there to thank you

For the lovely gifts you've brought

My family is grateful

We appreciate the thought

I'll be arriving shortly

And I'm as happy as can be

So, after I've been home awhile

Please come and visit me.
 - Love Bailey (my neice's name)

And finally, just for my sister, I made a DVD. Pictures of Heather and Jake growing up, pictures of them as a couple, baby bump pics, and some ultrasound pictures. For the label of the DVD, I took Bailey's profile picture, tinted it hot pink, and titled it.

I put the video I made on YouTube, so I could show it to some people, since only a few people were getting the DVD, like Heather, The Grandparents, Best friends, ya know. I'm taking the video down in a couple of weeks, but if you want to see it, here it is.. I worked so hard on it, and there's music, so turn your speakers on!

We thought about getting some picture matting to have everyone sign and give their well-wishes, but I thought that having a children's book where people signed the inside covers instead. I got her a Mother Goose book with allllllll the nursery rhymes. It was an awesome book, and we passed it around for everyone to sign. It was an awesome idea I think, lol. All in all, it was a good shower. And I really think that she enjoyed it. I hope she did. I may have set the bar too high, but my shower better be this freakin awesome when I finally have one : )



  1. Wow! I'm impressed! I'm just starting to plan my little sister's first baby shower for Aug 14. This is my first baby shower I've ever planned, but I'm so excited to do it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. went all out and know it was perfect!!!!!!!

  3. Love it!

    You did a great job with the video. Thank you for sharing!!

  4. fabulous games, and I LOVE the CD playlist. Very cute idea :)

  5. Woman why aren't you doing this for a living??? You could make huge bucks planning parties.

    Good show!! :D

  6. How awesome!! I might have to borrow {you will get total credit of course} some of these for my bff's shower I'm throwing!! too fun!

  7. Throwing a baby shower can be a lot of fun. I’m just planning a baby shower for a friend, and what you have posted will help a lot. Thanks for sharing.


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