Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Effed Up

I did. And I know that I did. I confessed it yesterday. I was getting on the computer yesterday when I got home, and I got a pop-up. From Windows Defender. It said that my computer had stuff on it (spyware, adware, underwear, I don't remember), and that I should click "yes" to scan.

I clicked yes.

The some Secure Net (I think, maybe) program asked for permission to run the program, I clicked yes. Because it started with Windows Defender. It seemed legit. So it scans, and tells me that I have trojans, and worms, and all kinds of other scary sounding stuff. And then there was a button that said "remove all". Well, hell yes I wanted to get rid of all this stuff. I hit the button.

And then it asked me for credit card info because it cost $75.

Wait, what?

We have a security thing that automatically scans for viruses and scary stuff, so I wasn't going to pay for it! I tried to exit, and it wouldn't go away. Every time I X'd it out, another pop-up would tell me I was running my computer unprotected. And then I opened my McAfee Security Suite and started a scan. Know what it found? Exactly nothing.

I was duped.

And now? The Secure Net thing won't let me do anything on my computer! Dallas is trying to fix it, get that program removed. Which I appreciate. But he's acted like he's annoyed at me all night. It wasn't totally my fault! He says he'll probably have to take it up somewhere and have them fix it and it'll cost us a hundred bucks. I already felt bad. And now I feel worse. I wish I could beat up whoever started this whole "secure net" nonsense. Gah.
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  1. I got this at work, of all places. Don't worry, even if you hadn't clicked yes, it wouldn't have gone away. When I got it, it knew something was off so I just tried to X out of it and it wouldn't go away. It took IT half a day to get it gone. When I figure out what they did, I'll let you know. They used a free virus cleaner they found online than ran as a .com file instead of a .exe which the virus was blocking. Good Luck!

  2. try running windows in safe mode and then run a virus checker? I had my gmail hacked last year... so not fun!



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