Friday, March 11, 2011

Just A Little Crush

I don't know this guy from PS I Love You (I've never seen the movie..). I know him from The Losers. And I don't care what you say, The Losers is an awesome movie. I LOVE far-fetch comedy action flicks, and this one is just that. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (hubba hubba) plays Clay. He's the one in charge. And he's the hot one. Like sizzling hot. The scruffy face, the way his shirt is always unbuttoned almost half way down, the suit he's always wearing. Just effing hot.




  1. I'll have to check it out! Have you ever seen Mystery Men? Great offbeat comedy flick, flew under the radar but has an awesome cast with Ben Stiller.

  2. We liked The Losers, too. Do you not watch Grey's? He is Denny on Grey's and I'm telling you, even if you're not a fan, watch (I think it's) Season 2 and 3...whatever seasons he's worth the watch because he is freaking gorgeous. Love me some Denny Duquette.

  3. oh colorado have validated my love for the movie mystery men. I think i may have tried to get sharon to watch this but i don't know if she's ever seen the brilliance of it. :) so thank you thank you thank you. lol

  4. I have seen Mystery Men! LOVE IT!


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