Monday, August 25, 2008

Plush Boobies

"From character goods maker JUN Planning comes a series of mammary-shaped plush toys known as Funwari Milk-chan (”Fluffy Milk”) and friends. According to the official Funwari Milk-chan website, these mildly naughty plushies are modeled after the palm-sized inhabitants of Milk Village, a quiet southern hamlet the size of Tokyo Dome.

Each character has a distinct personality and background. Funwari Milk-chan (pictured above, center) is easygoing. Despite her dream of growing large, she remains small. She loves collagen, and napping is her favorite pastime. Can Milk-san (top left) is a celebrity entertainer, always aglitter. She has an American boyfriend and loves going to beauty salons. Ganguro Milk-chan (bottom left), despite being a gyaru with a pierced nipple, is mature and level-headed. She spends all her time practicing para-para dance, and she enjoys purikura. Peach Milk-chan (top right), a spider-hating fashionista who is scary when angry, is well-informed and into anything lowbrow. Milko-chan (bottom right) is still a baby — but a genius. She loves to invent things, and her pacifier apparently holds the secret to her smarts."

No really. That's what the website said. And this is courtesy of my best pal Jennifer. Now the question I have for her is.. Um, how did you come across this? Surely you didn't type "plush boobie toys" into Google just to see what you would find.. Right? Or did you? Either way, genius, and I love you for it! (PS, I have to show this to my future husband, he's a boob man!)

Speaking of future husbands! I'm getting married in three weeks from today. And then the reception is going to be March 28th, 2009. Kind of a long wait, but we want to make sure that we have enough money to buy everything I want/need for it. AND I saw my DJ friend this weekend and he has that date open! So Score! He said that we'll get together and go over the music, intros, etc. later, "Cuz we got time".. lol That we do Travis, that we do!

Last night, we Dallas was turning on is PS3 for an evening full of Dark Sector and other shoot-em-up games, and I was going to go in the bedroom to watch a movie (SINCE THE TWO COREYS WAS NOT ON!), Dallas told me to stay in the living room and play my DS (cuz he feels bad sometimes for playing his game when I go into the other room) and I said (And please notice the quotes) "No.. My head is kind of fucky". And immediately, we both burst into uncontrollable laughter, I think I almost peed my pants! Because what I meant to say was that my head was fuzzy and mucky, at the same time I guess.. LOL. It was funny.

Have you ever combined two words and came up with something awful like that?

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  1. So i'm on google images trying to find a picture of some milk to put in my paper so it will look all professional. Plush boobies came up and i just had to tell someone. Only you would have understood and took my humor the way it was supposed to of. (I, for one, like to boobie with the bow attached to the nipple!) Hey, i combine words alot too. My favorite is jennifarter. This girl, i think her name is sharon, came up with it one day. Pretty smart that sharon girl is. Congrats on your upcoming weddin. And I didn't leave off the g accidentally in that word. :) Peace out sista sharoni!


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