Monday, September 29, 2008

Heather Cursed the Cowboys

Busy past couple of days!

Thursday we bought a car, a 2007 Chevy Impala. Not even kidding, it is so freaking nice. And since its the newer body style, it doesn't look like an old lady car. It has remote start, dual climate control, iPod connection, sun roof, and the biggest trunk I've ever seen. And its just all around an awesome car. It will transition well into a family car when that time comes. I really love driving myself to work! So liberating : )

Saturday was one of my friends Bachelorette Party, and it was a sex toy party, and I am not even lying it was so much fun. Its hard to imagine my little Diana getting married. Her house was so super cute. And lets just say that my husband has totally corrupted my mind, and now its filthy. He says my training is almost complete.

Also on Saturday, my sister farted on our Dallas Cowboys blanket. And then they lost yesterday. Way to go Heather with your bad luck farts. Tony Romo is going to come after you now, and not in a good way!

So I have been doing some deep soul searching about my future. Like career wise. And I think that I am going to be looking into some dif options. I want something that I can use my creativity in my every day job. So we'll just see.
Whats your dream job, if schooling, money, time and all that weren't a problem?


  1. My dream job would be to land the nursing home administrator job at the nursing home being built 2 miles down the street from me. I'm 9 weeks from graduation and i'm keeping my eye on it's website to get my resume in there. This is my chance to make a difference in the lives of our elderly americans and their families. I'm so exctied with the things i could do!!!!

  2. My dream job is to be a Labor and Delivery nurse! To help a laboring mother do the hardest thing she will ever encounter in her life without killing her husband, boyfriend or sperm donor is going to be totally awesome! BTW~ I was just releasing air...It just so happened that I was sitting on the blanket that I made him. Not a curse on the cowboys!!! So sorry that they didn't win Dallas...I will never release air on your blanket again. who knew that my little fart could be so powerful! haha!


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