Monday, September 8, 2008

Not Gonna Be Mrs. Timberlake, but thats okay!

I am getting married in one week from today. Score. Not that I am counting down or anything... LOL I think that I am super excited just to get rid of my current last name, I been waiting to not be attached to that name for about 25 years now. And now I am committing myself to a lifetime of spelling and correcting pronunciation of my new last name. Good thing I am a committed type of person!

So I have been practicing my new signature (what, its allowed, I'm actually marrying him this time, not like when I was working on my "Sharon Timberlake" signature LOL), and its got so many loops in it that I am having a hard time making it consistent. And that makes me long for beautiful handwriting, like Jennifer's (dang you!). She could be a professional hand writer! HEY that could be a new career for you, if you get tired of your current one, you could like, fill out peoples cards and write their love notes and poems and stuff for them. OOH You could write your own business cards. Man oh man Jennifer, tell the future doesn't look bright for you! : ) And Happy Anniversary too, seems like just yesterday I let you walk down the aisle and have sexy time with Joe. Wait, what? NOT AT THE SAME TIMES YOU PERVS! Jeeeez.

Anyway, I am done with this for now, I got an idea for a comic that I need to get out!

My question for today is: What signature did you practice when you were growing up, or just a lil younger, or yesterday (LOL)??

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  1. i practiced Jennifer Coker. God i was i love with Greg Coker and if he were to ever read this i'd be totally embarrassed. lol But he's married or dating or living with, whatever, a girl and his 2 kiddos. I really don't think i missed out now that i think about it.


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