Friday, September 5, 2008

If You Lie, Your Tongue Will Turn Black

I don't talk politics, with friends or family. Everyone has their own opinion and since most people are too stubborn to meet in the middle or to even agree to disagree (myself included sometimes..) I just keep that convo off limits, just like religion. To each their own, right? I came across this article while reading another blog, take a gander. It just amazes me that people in the public eye continue to lie and evade the facts, when they MUST know that there are people who are out there who spend their lives finding every lie and stretch of the truth in a speech or quote. Election years are stressful, especially when all you get to listen to is mudslinging and lies about the other candidate. Stupid. That's all.. I am done with that.

In other news! This weekend is Western Days in the good ole town of Mustang! That means a parade and other town activities (think Square Dancing in the street and car shows). I missed last years Western Days because it happened to fall on the same day as Jennifer's Wedding! (Her anniversary is Monday! And I get married the Monday after that!) I am excited to see the parade, but it is always a little sad now, because my Poppy isn't around to be in the parades anymore. He was a Shriner and drove his '66 El Camino in the parades. It was a beautiful car. You could check your makeup in the paint it was so shiny. So parades are always just another reminder that he is gone. My Poppy, not the car. And okay, I miss the car too.

So I am still feeling crappy today, which just sucks. I need to get over it by tomorrow, because I am NOT missing the parade. And Sunday I have to go pick my mom up from the airport, which means I will have to give her back her car. I'll miss the freedom until we get my new car. Sad.

What are your weekend plans?

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  1. iPolitics is a crappy subject to talk about. We wont go there. Not many people agreed with me about the last president, nobody will probably agree with me about the next one. We will see in november. Yay for western days!!!!!!! Harrah day is saturday too. And Old Timers day is either pretty soon, or just past. Whatever. I can't keep up with them all anymore. Sorry you feel crappy. Try to get better.


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