Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Celebrate Good Times!

So today is my one month anniversary. How exciting! My name is all changed, I have my rings and they fit properly now. Life is good.

Of course I realized today that I haven't changed my work voicemail, which still has my old last name lol So that is on my list of projects today. I have turned into a list maker, like hard core. Today lists, this week lists, this month lists, long term lists.. LOL They are taking over my life! That and reminder post-its. Unplug hair dryer, log into this chat at work, don't forget to time log. You'd think that I'd be a little more organized with all these lists and notes. The one thing that I really want, is a planner. One that is big enough for me to write in, but not so big I can't keep with with me. The ones that I have gotten, the lines in there are so dang small, I take up 4 lines just writing. Cuz I kind of write big.

This is one of my Daily Reminder notes... Its taped on my phone here at work.

How do you keep your life in order?

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  1. Happy 1 month anniversary mrs. list maker.


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