Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Don't Mess With Me, I Make Evictions Happen

I will be the first to admit, my apartments are expensive. We pay $625 a month for rent on a one bedroom. But for me, the safety and the quiet and drama free atmosphere makes it worth it. Not to mention the free tanning and freaking amazing gym. We've been there since July of '07 without a problem, pleasant quiet neighbors. There is a strict "quiet hours" rule in place, 10pm-6am, no loud music, no running the dishwasher and whatnot.

About a month or so ago, these new kids moved into the apartment directly above ours. And when I say "kids", I mean young looks like they are right out of high school. Like I don't know how they can afford the apartments. And they are loud. Loud loud loud. Can always hear their radio, they walk around constantly. The walking noises don't bother me so much, its when they sound like they are wrestling Andre the Giant up there. Or like they are practicing for the Jump Rope for Heart event at their school. Or they feel it necessary to move their furniture daily. When our microwave and lights rattle because they are being so loud, it starts to get on my nerves. And then when they have all their little right out of high school friends over for a party and all that noise triples, and we get people running up and down the stairs in concrete shoes, and they must be hearing impaired, because they TALK SO DAMN LOUD. It starts to get to me. When its 1 and 2 and 4 in the morning and their wrestling matches aren't done yet, it gets to me. I am a person who needs sleep! And I work all day, when I come home at night, I don't want to have to deal with that.

So, I put off calling the front office (we can call 24/7 to report loudness, problems, etc), I said well they are new and maybe they really do need to get their furniture right. Well last Friday, that changed, I had had enough. Enough of watching our lights shake, and enough of wondering why do they always listen to the song with the same beat to it, I mean at least change it up a little bit, add some variety! I was about 11:30 or so at night, and I had gone to bed, and Dallas was up, and they were being so loud. I finally called. And I left my message, who I was, all that jazz and went back to lay down, hoping the office wouldn't call me back because they couldn't understand me or something.. About ten minutes later or so, Dallas comes in and tells me that some guy who works for the apartments went up there and talked to them and then three people left. So I was hopeful, maybe they just didn't realize they were being loud, and just needed someone to let them know..

Well, last night, after Dallas had come home, I was in my pajamas in the living room, he was in the shower, and there is a knock on my door (not long after the pizza guy delivered our dinner, so I thought it might be him again, maybe he forgot something), so I look through the peep-hole, to make sure its not some big gorilla guy with a gun or something. No, its two right out of high school kids. I realize these must be our lovely upstairs neighbors. The conversation went like this:

Him - Hi, we live above you and we're kind of being evicted for being too loud. Have you ever noticed anything like that?

Me - Oh, well I mean, uh, its been a little loud, uh, sometimes..

Her - But not enough to call and complain about right?

Me - I, uh, wouldn't think.. (I trail off, because I am an awful liar)

And then they left. And then we could hear them arguing with the manager. and I am just saying, they were kind of scary. I didn't like that they came down to talk to me. I hope they don't do it again!


  1. lol...very nice. this is how my convo would have gone with the punk...him: Hi, we live above you and we're kind of being evicted for being too loud. Have you ever noticed anything like that?me: Dang that sucks, but yeah, you guys were loud. Her - But not enough to call and complain about right?me: Yes. And i would have called sooner if I were a bitch. but i gave you all a very fair chance to cool it off and you never did. Were ya'll practicing to become the next WWF tag team or something?Then i would have slammed the door and locked the multiple locks you have on it then had the phone with the first 6 numbers to the managers pushed just in case they started something and then dialed that 7th number and told on them again! Yeah...take that mean lookin high school crap kids.

  2. lol Can I hire you as my personal situation handler?

  3. I think your nuttier that squirrel shit!

  4. Squirel shit? That's something you don't think about everyday. Do they even do that? does it look like bird poop? My whole entire life i thought the ugly white stuff that fell on my car was always bird poo, it could be SQUIREL SHIT!!!!! Holy crap!!!!


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