Monday, December 22, 2008

And Hippopotamuses Like Me Too

Last Tuesday, my new car slid on the icy parking lot into my brother-in-law's new truck. It was a horrible traumatic experience. Thankfully, his truck was fine, my headlight assembly was broken and we had to get a new one. I thought it was something that could wait til like, after the new year. Turns out I was wrong, and we had to get it done right away so that water didn't get into the lights and short out all the wires, because then we would have had to replace those as well. I think I got that right. So 165 dollars later, new light assembly in my car, can't even tell I hit anything. It was the first time ever that I have hit something, I was in tears most of the day. So not okay. Thank goodness Dallas knows how to fix stuff, that saved us the labor cost!

I am already stressing about Christmas. Not Christmas itself really, but we're not going to get to spend a lot of time with any one, which makes me sad. We're going out to Dallas's mom's house Wednesday night, leaving about noon or so, and then we have to go to Moore to see his Dad and Julie for a few hours, and then to my Gramma's house to see my family. And lets not forget that my Gramma has been mad at me practically all year. She was going to go out of town for the holiday until my Aunt and Uncle decided they were going to come down here for Christmas. Good to know how much we matter, it wasn't worth spending Christmas with us. And since that family is perfect, it tends to make the rest of us, or at least me and my sister, inadequate. Like we don't belong. Which is not a good feeling. The last time I saw my Gramma was on my wedding day, and honestly I think she was more excited about seeing Jennifer than me.

So it'll be about 5 or so when we get to my Gramma's house, and she's probably going to think that we just came for dinner, because that's how she tends to think. And its not true at all, I'd spend all day over there if I could, but its just not possible anymore. And I don't have time or money to bake a lot of stuff this year, like I always have before, so I'm sure that will be used against me as well.

And this time of year is always a hard one for me these days. My Poppy went to the hospital Christmas Eve, and he never made it back home. And my Gramma thinks that she's the only one who is allowed to be sad about him passing. But I know he's up there with a cocktail in his hand making fun of us all for stressing out over the holidays, and wishing he could eat the turkey neck. I think this is what the word "bittersweet" was made for. Because all the good memories of him make me laugh and cry at the same time.

One last thing, I've had a talk with my head about Wednesday night and Thursday, I think that we have come to an understanding that I will not allow a Migraine to creep up on me during these days, I have too much to do and people to see for that to happen. It seems like when I have plans, my head makes plans on the same damn day! We need to get our calendars together so we don't overbook. : )



  1. Try to have a great holiday! Merry christmas.

  2. SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH! KABAM! Watch out in the Parking Lot!


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