Friday, December 5, 2008

The Taking

I just finished this book. When I read the inside flaps of the book, it sounded good, and scary. I was excited about reading it! Two days later, its an all out alien book. Gah, Alien Books (like Alien movies) should come with warning labels, like "Notice: This Book Is An Alien Book". Nothing too fancy, just let me know before I invest three days in your book. That is all I ask. I had a similar experience with the movie Dreamcatcher. The previews that I saw had nothing Alien like in them. It just looked like a good scary movie. Sure, it was Stephen King, but so was the Shining, and the Langoliers.. (had I seen Tommy Knockers before, I might have been a little more cautious, no one mentioned to me that it was also a damn Alien movie).. so back to Dreamcatcher.. My good friend Angela was with me, along with a gentleman named Shane, and the first little bit of the movie was good, scary, bloody, good times right? And then, it happened. The alien stood up in all its alien glory (out of a toilet, I want to add), and in unison, Angela and I said "What?" and the movie might as well have ended there for all we remember, we were disappointed and the movie had lost is scariness, we laughed through the rest of it.

Yah, between Dreamcatcher and A Mighty Wind (which I loved), I've been told that I am no longer allowed to pick movies at the theater.. LOL..

So now I am going to take on the book that is on everyones list, The Twilight Saga. Jennifer let me borrow the first book yesterday, I will start that this weekend. I've heard great things, but when I saw it at Target a while back under "Young Adult" I was afraid it would be lame, so I didn't buy it. So fingers crossed this is not a disappointment.

What has disappointed you lately?


  1. so is that book scary?? Did you buy or borrow it? I may try to read it as soon as i get my "have to read" stuff out of the way.

  2. The book isn't really scary, its interesting, then takes a turn at the end. Not horrible. Just not what I was expecting. I borrowed it from my mom, so I can keep it a while if you'd like to borrow it sometime


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