Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Migraine Hell

Yesterday my head exploded. I pretty sure it drained out of my ear while I was laying in bed crying. And I got a good ab workout from puking all day. Feel the burn! Of course, that burn was mostly the stomach acid burning holes in my esophagus and throat and wearing down the enamel on my teeth. Add on the guilt from having to call in sick, I felt like I just wanted to die.

Migraines make it practically impossible to sleep. The sound of your head hurting wakes me up. And as soon as I jolt awake with pain, I have to puke again. If I could have moved my queen size bed into the bathroom, I would have. Of if I could have moved the toilet into bed with me, I would have. It would have saved me from having to stumble into the bathroom every 7 minutes or so. Finally I was able to keep myself from throwin up long enough for some anti-hurl medicine to jump into my blood stream, that helped a lot. But not with the pain.

Know what I hate? People who have chronic pain, like, back pain, or arthritis, or whatever it is, can go do to the doctor, or call the doctor, and they will give them something to help them with the pain. I have chronic Migraines. Severe Migraine Disorder. Its a real problem people. Its like pulling teeth to get anything that helps. And I am pretty sure that people look at me like I am some drug seeker girl who just wants to be high, or whatever. I'm the exact freaking opposite. I hate how people, even doctors, tend to trivialize Migraines. We have enough pain, we shouldn't have to deal with people who think we are making it up, that is one of the single most hurtful things that someone can do.

Anyway, today it still hurts, probably like a level 7 pain, but I've kept the nausea away, so I am at work. When this one goes away, I'm going to have a heck of a Migraine Hangover.. Yuck.

Just venting today, sorry.


  1. Nuttier than 2 piles of squirrel shit

  2. work a little blog alot! anyone, anyone, heck yes!

  3. Is there not a migrain heaven? Or would that be an oxymoron? hmmm....


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