Monday, January 5, 2009

RamRod! Get it?!?!

This is my new planner. It should hopefully deliver today, of course that means that I will have to go get it at my mom's house. Since I wasn't sure how it would ship, I had it sent there, because I am never home with UPS delivers to our apartments. I'm really excited about it, though I think I'll have to switch purses, its a little to big to fit into the purse I am currently carrying.

I had a great weekend.. I didn't have a headache at all! How effing exciting is THAT!?!?! AND my husband was off work all weekend. Which happens even less than headache free weekends. It was so nice to get to spend free time with him lol. I made breakfast for us yesterday morning. Bacon and French Toast. It was my first attempt at french toast, I think I did a pretty good job! Thankfully I found a recipe in my cook book for it lol.

So my neighbors have been out of town since before Christmas, and when we left our house on Christmas Eve, they had like 4 packages outside their door, including a big box of Omaha Steaks. When we got back Christmas night, all the packages were still out there, so we brought them into our apartment and put the steaks in the freezer so they wouldn't go bad. Over the next week, like 8 more packages were dropped off at their door, included one from "Sword Demon" (lol, like who the hell are we living next door to!), and we brought them in to our apartment so they wouldn't just be sitting out there waiting for someone to swipe them. I did leave a note on their door lol don't think I was just stealing all they stuff. And on New Year's Day, he knocked on our door and we gave him all his packages, and he gave us the steaks! His wife and son are traveling for the month and he's just passing through (they are a strange couple..). How nice of him! So now we have six 6-oz Filet Mignons in our freezer just waiting to be cooked. LOL and now we have our freezer back, because the big styrofoam box it was in took up all our space!

Now, I'd like to highlight a twitter mini-conversation with my good pal Jennifarter...

jennifarter my brother graduates today!

holycowirock Holy Crap! Whats he graduating from!?

jennifarter POLICE ACADEMY!!!!!! he's been in training for a month to be a detention officer. Then when he can he will transfer to highway patrol.

holycowirock lol Like on Super Troopers! Sweet!

jennifarter lol i love sooper troopers!

holycowirock Meow too. : )

LOL Sometimes, I am funny, and it totally cracks me up. Even if no one else thinks so LOL. But Dallas did, so ha! On that hysterical note, that totally has me giggling now, I am gonna leave. Enjoy your Manic Monday!

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  1. oh man...that is so funny!!! I didn't realize we were such comedians! Gave me the giggles too.


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