Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sweet Little Jenny

Okay. My baby sister is not doing good. And she's not a baby, she is 19 years old. But I have had two separate friends tell me that they have been talking to her and she is having a hard time with life right now. I try to spend time with her on Saturdays when I can, because I know that she gets bored. I'm trying to find a way to help her through some of this, because I have been depressed and had to fake smile my way through things, and its not easy. And I know that she has all these emotions that she is just unequipped to handle. I know that she has self esteem issues, how do I help that? I have issues too. Its a tough thing.

If my sister talks to any of you, please tell me, since she likes to talk to my friends, but not to me. Thanks!


  1. poor jenny. do i need to send her a letter or something? Like can she get her own mail? Maybe she needs more of her "own" stuff? I can send a card!!!!!!

  2. awwe a card would be nice

  3. K your gonna have to send me the address to which i may send it!

  4. I'll give her a pep talk


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