Thursday, February 12, 2009

Let Me Just Say Something

I hate that when I have a migraine, inevitably, someone always says "You know, you really need to do something about those headaches." My immediate response is "No freakin way, you think?" So let me just make it public knowledge. I AM DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THEM. I have been seeing a Neurologist since I was 17 years old because of them. Its a disease, theres not like a simple cure for them, it takes lots of time to find the right combination of medication and lifestyle changes, foods you can't eat, things you can't do. And while I appreciate all the offers of help, please know that rubbing a lime on my forehead, rubbing my temples, squeezing the soft part between thumb and forefinger, acupuncture, hot baths, cold packs, hot packs, and all the other homemade "my grandmother gets migraines and this helps her" remedies, they don't work. Sorry to break the news to you.

And another thing, and this is going to sound way bitchy. Just because you get two headaches a year doesn't mean that you know how I feel. Because you don't, I promise. I wouldn't wish a full on migraine to even my worst enemy.. and trust me, if anyone deserves on, its that person.


  1. Could it be the 4 or 5 diet cokes your drink a day? Not trying to be rude but studies have shown that they cause it.-Luke

  2. lol. I only have 3 diet cokes. less than that really, I can't remember the last time I finished a whole pop. But thank you : ) Thats better than telling me I need to wash my hair in oatmeal to pull the migraine out.

  3. washing your hair in oatmeal helps migraines? Can we say...GROSS! YOU STILL DON'T FINISH POPS YET! LOL I remember you used to not finish them back when we worked at Globe. Silly girl...Hey, for your migraines you might want to try....just kidding. I have no clue what helps and what doesn't. All i know is that my mom gets them and she gets crazy sick and just wants to die. I'm sorry girl.


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