Sunday, March 22, 2009

As You Wish

For my birthday, my husband bought me The Princess Bride book, not the one with the actors on the cover, I refuse to read books with actors on the cover. Call me weird, it wouldn't be the first and won't be the last. The Princess Bride is "our movie", and I've been looking for the book for a while now. I finished the book last weekend, and it was better than I had hoped would be. Its different than the movie in a few ways that really stick out in my mind.

First, it explains Buttercup's childhood, and how Prince Humperdinck came to choose her as his commoner bride (the princess from Guilder was bald!). It also tells us that Buttercup confessed her love to Westley first, in a beautiful speech, and she thought he didn't love her, but we all know that was false! And they give us the history of Inigo and Fessik, which really helps understand them, even in the movie.

Second, in the movie when they are on the boat with Vizzini after kidnapping Buttercup, Fessik and Inigo play the rhyming game. That's one of my favorite parts of the movie ("Fessik, are there rocks ahead?" "If there are we'll all be dead!") In the book, Fessik just does rhyming in his head. Also in the boat scene, when Buttercup jumps from the boat, the movie has Shrieking Eels, whereas the book just has sharks.

And finally, after Prince Humperdinck kills Westley with "the machine" and Inigo and Fessik set out to find him (so Inigo can kill Count Rugen and avenge his father's murder), it explains about the place where Westley is kept. Its called the zoo, five underground levels with all kinds of animals for the prince to hunt, and on the fifth level, Westley. Well in the book, when they find the Albino, he tells them where the door is, only its the fake door, and it leads Inigo and Fessik down the levels through all sorts of horrors, snakes, bats, spiders. Its a great part of the book, and I wish it had been in the movie.

I am so glad I have the book now, its definitely a re-read! What's your favorite part of The Princess Bride (in the book or the movie)?

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