Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Stroll Down "Remember That" Lane

So yesterday, I got the most ridiculous comment on my little blog. And contrary to what they said, I almost think they have to know me, because otherwise I'm not sure how they'd get to my blog. That and the part about "actually working".. Regardless, it was dumb and annoying. Here is the comment:

"Anonymous said...
shut up! All you do is complain on here. I have no idea
who you are, but most normal people are actually working. Wah Wah, freaking cry
baby. STFU!
March 16, 2009 1:42 PM"

It was a comment to my last post, about about missing children. So yes, I guess I was complaining about missing children. How dare I! I suppose I should be happy about all the children going missing? And if someone could point out in the post where I was being a "freaking cry baby", because I would like to know. About the part where normal people are actually working, if you know me, then you know I am MORE than capable of multitasking, and my work has never suffered because I jot down a few sentences between phone calls and projects here at work. I've been promoted and get praise for all my work. And if you don't know me, then that's just a dumb thing to put in a comment. If you're going to leave a nasty comment like that, make it count. Leave a name, contact info, something. Because when you're too much of a pansy to leave that information, its hard to take it seriously.

I hope that everyone is wearing Green today, it is Saint Patrick's Day! I have a green bow in my hair. If I wasn't at work, I'd have my favorite green Bowling For Soup shirt on! They are still my favorite band, because they are awesome. Back in the day, when I was young. Okay like a few years ago. My best friends Jennifer and Kelly and I would go to Starbucks, after work, or on Friday evenings while we were hanging out. Good times. My Starbucks boyfriend (I forget his name, and he moved to Oregon on me..) saw me always wearing a BFS shirt, and he stopped me one day in line and asked if I liked them, and I was all "yah! favorite band, blah blah blah" and he brought me a BFS CD, from back when they were like the small town band from Denton. It was even before Gary was in the band! I KNOW right! I still have the CD, its pretty good. They've gotten way better over time. I thought it was cool that he would do that, and even cooler that someone else knew of them (that wasn't a friend of mine that I forced the band on LOL) and had this old school CD. Good times.

Another good time at Starbucks was when Jennifer and I stopped there on our way to the Mat Hoffman Exhibition in ghetto-town OKC, and I was wearing a LoveHateHero shirt that I got from a show a few weeks before, and then the band (from California) walked into the store. I was all "OMG, I am wearing that bands shirt!" and she was all "No way" and I was "No for real" and then they noticed I was wearing their shirt and we talked to them for a little bit It was way cool and they were totally nice. We took pictures with them and stuff. That was a great day.

Well that's all the reminiscing for now. Maybe another day I'll write more about our Starbucks adventures (book idea? LOL), including going to see my Starbucks Boyfriend play an acoustic set in the store, the Mexican Mafia that always arrived in a different truck every week, and the "Mo-skeet-ohs". And perhaps after that we can go back to the Denny's adventures. Good times..


  1. Being a Father I would lose my mind if one of my kids came up missing. I think you volgar commenter need a dose of reality.

  2. Seriously I am laughing so hard at this blog cause I remember those times so well!!! Those were the freakin good ol days, right!? Remember when kelly suprised us with her knowledge of how to spell out "blood" with her hands. lol I still have that pic. actually, it's at work hanging up. I loved the mexican mafia guys. Amazing! I went into the bucks in MWC and there was a pic of that long haired blonde guy. Guess he's still hanging around, huh. lol Boo for vulgar commenters!

  3. LOL Kelly with her gang-signs! That was so awesome. And the non-deaf guy that conned me out of money! Gah!! lol I feel another Starbucks adventure post coming on soon!


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