Sunday, May 10, 2009

Most Of My Eggs In One Basket

I'm trying not to get all my hopes up for my new neurologist's appointment on Tuesday. I do have hope though, my doctor says he makes very good decisions. I need some good decisions made regarding my migraines, they are so bad right now. I rarely have a day without a migraine, which can really wear me down. They're sucking the life outta me. LOL, well, I'm sure that I'll live, I don't think migraines have ever really killed a person.

So in preparation for the doctors appointment, I've updated my file, which included characteristics of my migraines, my calendar, list of medications, the stack of paperwork from emergency clinics and ER, and my list of questions/concerns. My first priority is trying prevent them, see what kinda preventive options I have. Second priority is some sort of a backup plan, something to do when it gets to the point of wanting to die. Right now, I don't care if its some big burly man named Cletus to just whacks me on the head with a moonshine jug and knocking me out for a few hours, days, however long. Of course, if there's another option, I'd probably go for it instead.

So, if you suffer from migraines, do you have a back up? What do you do when it gets to the suicidal point?

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  1. Everything you've done in preparation for the appointment sounds great.

    My backup plan is the emergency room. I know it's not a good plan, but no doctor has ever prescribed morphine, so it's all I've got. Luckily the suicidal type pain doesn't come as often as it used to.

    I hope the new Neuro is everything you're looking for, and can help offer relief!

  2. First, you've done a great job - it sounds like - of putting all your ducks in a row for this appointment.

    Second - what have you tried? You need a preventative and an abortive - both of which that work. Also, you need to identify your triggers and then avoid them, if possible. Some of mine, like weather, I can't avoid. Others, caffeine, I can and do. And this has helped dramatically.

    What type of migraines do you get? How do they respond to medication? Are you using over-the-counter medications causing rebound headaches?

    Personally, I've tried several medicines and have found the only thing that works for my migraines (I have Complicated Basilar Artery Migraines) to be Topamax. I've had to titrate my dose up and down because of s/e or other meds over the combined 2 1/2 years I've been on the med, but it's been a life saver for me. The first year I was on it I didn't have a migraine for 12 months straight! I went from having them 3-5 a week (for stroke like migraines this is hell!) to NONE! OMG the relief! Then I was stupid and got off of it because of the copay. But after tyring several meds for almost 9 months without adequate relief, my doc and I decided to put me back on Topamax. I actually begged him for it and he agreed I needed. My migraines since going back on it have been dramatically reduce - I'd say 90% (and that's mainly the stinking weather related ones lately).I take Midrin for my abortive when I need it, which isn't often.

    But when you find a good neuro and good meds that work for you, life is worth living once again! Don't give up and be persistent. Demand a better outcome for your treatment from this new doc! Good luck!!!

  3. I'm on my 5th neuro and am ready to give up on them. I hope your new one works out for ya.

    My emergency med used to be Butalbital (Fioricet) but it didn't always work. Now it's a combo of Phenergan, Seroquel and Toradol which knocks me out. It doesn't always knock out the migraine for long though.

    Best thing I've had is Vicodin, which I was given when I had my wisdom teeth out. I didn't have a headache the whole was awesome. But I don't think it's easy to get a prescription for because it can be addictive. There's always a but. :)

  4. I hope everything goes ok for you with the new neuro. I myself am on my fourth.
    My emergency med also used to be butalbital. Now it's < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Synalgos-DC<>, which is new for me but I guess it's an old med they brought back. For me right now it's the only thing that helps short of going to the emergency room.


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