Friday, June 26, 2009


Well, its 12:22am on Friday morning. I should be in bed sleeping, dreaming about babies or carnivals or something equally as awesome. But I'm not, I'm laying on the couch watching Roseanne (she always reminded me of my mom..). My head started hurting this evening sometime during the 97 minutes we spent watching new Friday the 13th movie and the four advil I swallowed hasn't helped.

Now usually, my husband tucks me into bed about an hour before he comes in to sleep. I'm have a hard time falling asleep and move around a lot trying to get comfy which keeps him up, that's why he comes in later. I'm always bugging him to lay with me for a while or to go to bed when I do.. "I promise I won't move too much!", and a few times a week he usually does. And tonight he said he was going to bed at the same time as me, and we're laying there, trying to relax and drift into sleep. Its quiet and its dark and I found a comfortable position. Just as I'm really starting to float into dreamland, I hear it. Thump thump thump.

I know what you're thinking.. "Oh no! Jason is coming to slice her with the machete!". But no, it was much worse. At least if it was him, I wouldn't be in pain for too long. The thumping was my heart beat. Louder than the fan and the air conditioner and my husbands breathing. My heart beating in my ear, which happens a lot with my migraines. My heart beating so loud it feels like its actually moving my head up and down off the pillow! My heart beating so loud, matching the throbbing rhythm of my head, making it impossible to sleep, impossible to get relaxed again, impossible to focus on anything but the pain.

That is why I am the couch, with a night lamp on so the tv doesn't seem so harsh to my eyes, blogging from my phone at 12:44am. What do you do when you can't sleep at night?

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  1. I twitter and tweet with my fellow spoonies and watch the moths fill my windows. Missing the moon tonight.


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