Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Save It For Maury

Picture it, Mustang Oklahoma, 2001. A young girl is in her senior year of high school, her friend passes her a note in the hallway between classes. Its not a nice note, its basically a break up note. The reason given for the end of the friendship? The whole "she said you said this about me" reason. Things like that are expected at 18, kids are immature, they play those kinds of game.

Fast forward eight years. Those games should be over right? Apparently no, they are not over. I seem to be smack in the middle in one of those dumb games, and I'm not even playing! And as much as I'd like to just explode and scream at the player of the game, I won't, because I'm 26. I'm way too old for all that. I have enough going on in my world, I don't need extra drama!

How do you handle it when people act immature and bring you into some childish game?

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  1. I have let those people fall out of my life. It hurts sometimes, but when you are in a situation that drags you down when you are already dealing with migraines amongst other things - your life, job, stress, etc. it isn't worth it in the end and a true friend that is there for the friendship would not act that way. Sounds like this person is in it for the drama which you don't need more of. I've let a lot of friends go because of this over my adult life, friends whose drama I dealt with in my younger days, and now I am happier because of it, surrounded by good people and great friends who would never do something like that to me.


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