Monday, August 17, 2009

Meet Zachariah

Zachariah Alphonso Brewer (of the Brewer trailer park Brewers) was born August 11, 1986 in a country far far away. He then moved to his ancestrail home, the castle at the top of the Brewer mobil home park. He was the youngest of his parent's two sons, and caused much havoc among the townspeople. Zachariah wasn't the most brilliant diamond in the jewelry store, he willing let his older brother karate kick him in the face. (Pictured below: Proof that Zachariah is as redneck as they come)

Zachariah and I first met at my sister's wedding. He is the brother of my sister's husband. So we got to walk down the aisle together. I remember quite clearly that I was the strong one. He was nervous, and didn't want to do it. I said, "We can run down the aisle if you'd like!". We were kind of kindred spirits since we were both just the rejects of the wedding party, me just a bridesmaid, him just a groomsmen. But we made the most of it. All we really had to do was stand there, and then take many pictures afterward. Weren't we adorable. (Pictured below: Our walk down the aisle, my hair looked amazing by the way)

Fast forward a few years, and him and I now work together! And I have gotten to know him a LOT better. He is a funny dude. I feel like he will probably be a character in my books that I am going to write at some point. He's just that kind of guy. And I think that I will like to make up stories about him. (Pictured below: I'm not sure. But he is the one on the right)

I've interviewed Zachariah, to give you all the answers to your burning questions, straight from him (btw, he is "Bok Choy" for reasons I can't remember). For your reading pleasure:
Sharon Clelland (12:41:20 PM): What 80's movie would you say describes you the best?

Bok Choy (12:41:38 PM): I have no idea

Sharon Clelland (12:41:49 PM): dude. really?

Sharon Clelland (12:41:58 PM): How about 90's movie, since youre a youngin?

Bok Choy (12:52:18 PM): Dazed and Confused

Sharon Clelland (12:52:56 PM): Which character in that movie would you say that you most relate to?

Bok Choy (12:55:14 PM): David Wooderson

Bok Choy (12:55:22 PM): or Matthew McConaughey

Sharon Clelland (12:55:38 PM): yes I know who Wooderson was lol

Bok Choy (12:55:46 PM): lol some people might not

Sharon Clelland (12:56:15 PM): Its a Saturday night, you're at home alone, what are you watching on TV?

Bok Choy (12:57:21 PM): Man vs Wild

Bok Choy (12:57:39 PM): or a movie i downloaded

Sharon Clelland (12:57:46 PM): Do you think that you could do the Man vs Wild thing?

Bok Choy (12:58:09 PM): Prolly for a few days....but i dont like to get dirty

Sharon Clelland (12:59:37 PM): Do you know who's phone number this is? 867-5309

Bok Choy (1:00:31 PM):

Bok Choy (1:00:40 PM): Is that a question?

Sharon Clelland (1:00:49 PM): yes, thats a question.

Sharon Clelland (1:00:56 PM): what is your favorite animal?

Bok Choy (1:01:10 PM): Dog

Sharon Clelland (1:01:19 PM): any particular kind?

Bok Choy (1:01:25 PM): german shepard

Bok Choy (1:01:29 PM): or yorkie

Bok Choy (1:01:31 PM): DUDE

Sharon Clelland (1:03:19 PM): are you political?

Bok Choy (1:03:50 PM): Becoming more political, but I wouldnt say I am....I dont like O'bama or his Health Reform....lets give bums insurance

Bok Choy (1:04:12 PM): Lets give em a drug test/aids test/high school test/and punch em in the eyes 4 times and then let em have it

Sharon Clelland (1:04:59 PM): If given the opportunity, would you pose for play girl, if it meant you had to be completely nude?

Bok Choy (1:11:03 PM): I'd say if they pay me enough, them you can call me Jim Dangle

Sharon Clelland (1:13:55 PM): As an adult, what was the stupidest thing you'v done?

Bok Choy (1:14:35 PM): getting my DUI pretty stupid

Sharon Clelland (1:18:35 PM): What one thing in the future are you MOST looking forward to?

Bok Choy (1:19:50 PM): Hopefully having a big bank account. Or enough to be stable on and not live check to check

Sharon Clelland (1:22:04 PM): Do you have a favorite joke?

Bok Choy (1:22:29 PM): Knock knock...whos there...interrupting cow..interruptinMOOOOOOO

Bok Choy (1:22:41 PM): wait wait wait

Bok Choy (1:22:46 PM): Actually it's

Bok Choy (1:23:24 PM): If it takes a chicken and a half a day and a half to lay an egg and a half, then how long does it take a one legged frog to kick seeds out of a pickle - - - A) Footballs dont have feathers

Sharon Clelland (1:28:52 PM): Who would you say is your style icon currently?

Bok Choy (1:32:56 PM): Rob Dyrdek

Bok Choy (1:33:15 PM): I guess

Bok Choy (1:33:21 PM): I have my own style

Sharon Clelland (1:44:45 PM): What is your favorite kind of sandwich?

Bok Choy (1:44:57 PM): PB & J

Sharon Clelland (1:45:13 PM): what kind of J?

Bok Choy (1:45:28 PM): Grape

Bok Choy (1:45:29 PM): ??

Bok Choy (1:45:33 PM): Just whatever

Bok Choy (1:45:37 PM): Some strawberry is good

Sharon Clelland (1:46:51 PM): What do you think the weirdest thing you eat is?

Bok Choy (1:47:10 PM): sushi

Sharon Clelland (1:47:30 PM): Thats not that weird.. try again

Bok Choy (1:47:46 PM): ummm

Bok Choy (1:47:49 PM): pickles and cheese

Bok Choy (1:47:50 PM): delicious!

Sharon Clelland (1:47:57 PM): Are you pregnant?

Bok Choy (1:48:03 PM): haha no but it's so good

Sharon Clelland (1:48:09 PM): What is your favorite word?

Bok Choy (1:48:19 PM): awesome

Sharon Clelland (1:49:22 PM): If you were a crayon, what color would you want to be?

Bok Choy (1:52:27 PM): Ocean Blue

Sharon Clelland (1:55:58 PM): Do you have a favorite number?

Bok Choy (1:57:00 PM): 34

Sharon Clelland (1:57:10 PM): Is there a reason for that?

Bok Choy (1:57:23 PM): Just my old basketball number i guess

Sharon Clelland (1:58:03 PM): When you were a kid, what was your favorite toy?

Bok Choy (1:59:07 PM): Gi Joes

Sharon Clelland (2:00:21 PM): What is the strangest place you've puked in?

Bok Choy (2:00:59 PM): I really dont know

Bok Choy (2:01:01 PM): oooo

Bok Choy (2:01:05 PM): a strip club all over the walls

Bok Choy (2:01:06 PM): lol

Sharon Clelland (2:04:15 PM): Is there anything else you'd like to say to all my readers?

Bok Choy (2:05:58 PM): tank eww tank eww vetty much

Bok Choy (2:06:01 PM): Andy Coffman


  1. 867-5309 is jenny's phone number.

  2. Jennifer - lol I know, and he was like "is that a question?".. too funny.

  3. btw - pickles and cheese is sooooo good. But it has to be block cheese, not sliced. And that's not a pregnancy thing, that's been a lifetime snack kinda thing for me thanks to mom. She used to eat it all the time while watching her soaps. Got me hooked. :)


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