Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Let's Play Twenty Questions..

Okay, well really its only a few questions.. Tomorrow I am headed to the gynecologist, and I am making my list of questions/concerns that I have. I've found that's the best way to make sure I don't get so flustered that I forget something. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a while now, I mostly keep this to myself, because then I can avoid the "are you pregnant yet?" questions. When someone asks me that I almost feel like I am letting everyone down when I answer no.

My husband mentioned a few times that he might be worried that it hasn't happened yet. We don't use any protection, not the "pull out and pray" method so many highschoolers think is the way to go. I'm glad that he voiced his concern, but at the same time it makes me worry even more, and I don't need another reason to worry.

And of course then there is Hector, my newest friend that's attached itself to my ovary. Sheesh.

My questions so far:

1) Hector is still hanging around, but its not been long enough for it to go away on its own. So this is actually more of an FYI.

2) What medications can I take, until I get pregnant, while I'm pregnant? I currently take 20mg of Prozac daily as a preventive for migraines. What recommendations or absolutely not medications for prevention and/or pain (as far as migraines go..)

3) I'm currently taking prenatal vitamins, I've lowered my caffeine, and pay close attention to my calendar. What else do I need to be doing to increase my chances? How long do we try before we need to be worried?

4) Besides the calendar, what physical signs can I look for to show that I am ovulating, will be ovulating?

That's all I have for now. Hector is causing me much pain this evening, so I'm not looking forward to being violated tomorrow.. But c'est la vie..

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  1. If you don't already have it, I highly recommend picking up a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility. I learned a ton about my reproductive health and felt very empowered after reading it.

    I do know that recent studies are indicating that the babies of women who take antidepressants are having very few health problems. Obviously staying on Prozac is ultimately a decision for you and your doctors, but I plan to stay on Celexa when I TTC, FWIW. I wrote about the issue a couple of years ago:


  2. If you feel comfortable sharing, please keep us updated on what your gyno says! I don't see my gyno until January, and I'm curious about this as well (I'm not trying yet but planning for the future).

    Hope it goes well!


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