Friday, October 23, 2009

Goodbye Dr. Weirdo

As you know, I have migraines. Big, bad, mean, debilitating migraines. They wreak havoc on my life. They make me so sick I can't move, they make just opening my eyes a task. And they make me kinda bitchy. They just suck. I have been seeing a neurologist basically since I was 17 or so. As of lately, I can't find a neurologist that helps me. I had one for a few years, and I liked him well enough, but he wasn't helping me. The next one I had told me he couldn't help me and I needed to find a new one. My current one (we'll call him Dr. Weirdo) doesn't listen to any thing that I say (check out this post). When I call on Day 4 of my migraine with no relief, he tells me to go the ER. When I call on Day 1 of my migraine that is resisting my meds, he tells me it's too soon to help.

I've been seeing Dr. Weirdo since April, Ive had 4 or 5 visits. The first visit, I was feeling good when I left, he asked a lot of questions, explained to me why he was changing my medicines. I had hope. The visits after that have not left me feeling that good. I've gone through the sticking up for him phase, I dont know why I feel it necessary to do that, but I do. The giving him the benefit of the doubt phase. I brought my mom with me last time to see if maybe I was just too sensitive. But now, at almost the beginning of November, just seven months after first seeing him, I don't want to go back. I cancelled my appointment with him on Monday. I was toying with whether or not I would go back. When they called to confirm my appointment, I was immediately sick to my stomach with anxiety about having to go back to him. Waste my time and my money on someone who doesn't listen to me, doesn't help me.

My mom wants me to try to go to OU (University of Oklahoma) Medical Center, since that is a university hospital. Maybe they will treat the big picture, not just pigeonhole me into a diagnosis I got when I was 17. Maybe there is something else going on!

My question is, how long do you give someone a chance to work out? Am I being too hasty in my decision? Maybe he needs more time? How long is long enough? How do I go about find a new doctor?


  1. Oh, wow, how long to wait...hmmm...

    If you're on any preventative medications and Dr. Weirdo hasn't had any impetus to change them after 7 months of no good response to them, I would imagine you've extended plenty of patience to him. If you're not on preventative medication, be sure to discuss with your next doctor whether you should be or not.

    You've already got plenty of reason to move on because of his horrid bedside manner, in my opinion. No Migraineur should be scolded or scorned by his or her own doctor for any reason.

    It is a chore to change doctors. I hate that as intensely as I hate having Migraine Disease. But, I can change doctors on my own far more easily than I can alter the course of Migraine Disease by myself.

    Good luck and may the duct tape be with you!

  2. I don't think you're being too hasty-- trust your instincts. I think getting sick to your stomach is, literally, your gut telling you everything you need to know. In my world, it doesn't matter how much of a chance I've given someone-- if my instincts kick in, I trust them.

    I hope that you can find a good Neurologist who will listen to you, and work with you to find the treatment that will made a difference in your life.

    Best of luck to you. Just know you're not alone.



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