Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just Call Me Crybaby Walker

Honestly. I cry at the drop of a hat these days. I've always been emotional, part of the reason I don't watch many chick flicks, ya know, aside from the fact they are cheesy, lame, and not even close to reality. Why would someone choose to watch a movie they know will make them cry? Steel Magnolias is funnier than hell til Shelby goes and dies on us (leaving Dylan McDermott all alone needing comfort..), so I turn it off when she's cooking the spaghetti.

It used to be that maybe I'd tear up when I was watching something sad (like Steel Magnolias towards the end), but now its progressed into full on tears streaming down my faces bordering into sobs. Watching Criminal Minds just a little bit ago (I have the hots for Dr. Reid), and I was just bawling. And its not even just sad things that cause me to cry, I was watching Fred Claus, and crying. FRED FREAKIN' CLAUS! The Princess Diaries, Role Models, Stuart Little.. The embarrassing list goes on and on.

I can't even watch game shows anymore. When people win, my eyes tear. Watching sports movies is the same thing, when they win (or try so hard but still lose), I cry. When the cheerleading team has to come up with a brand new routine in a few weeks before Nationals, and they come in 2nd while the inner city school at their first national competition takes the win, you might as well just leave me with a box of tissues.

What's with all the emotions lately?!

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