Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lint Balls

Every day when my husband comes home from work, and he's getting ready to get in the shower, he has a small little lint ball in his belly button. I know. Its gross. And its every single day. Last night when we were laying down, he started giggling. Never a good sign. I asked him what was so funny..
Him: "You know how I always have the lint ball in my belly button?"

Me: "How could I forget, you proudly display it daily."

Him: "What if I saved all those little lint balls?"

Me: "Sick. Why would you save them?!"

Him: "Well, I could save them, and spin them into thread, and make a whole new shirt! OUT OF MY SHIRTS!"

Me: "Wow."

Him: "And then people would be like 'Hey, where'd you get your shirt?' and I'd be all "FROM MY BELLY BUTTON!"

Yah. That happened.

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