Sunday, January 3, 2010

Biscuits and Gravy, Take Two

First Sunday of the year. How refreshing.

Wait. Strike that, start again.

First Sunday of the year. I'm exhausted.

I was up until about 4 am with a migraine. I was so relieved to finally fall asleep. Just sleeping peacefully. Then, I heard it. The worst noise you can ever hear, the noise that will wake you up out of a coma. The sound of my husband puking. 6:06am. I have the worst case of weak stomach known to man, or woman for that matter. His puking and gagging made me gag. I had to leave the room for a second. He finally made it into the bathroom, and took a shower. He was shaking so bad when he got out, I knew he had a fever. Good news is that I am great at taking care of sick people. Not so great at listening to them puke, but other than that, I got this. I got him some ice water, an extra blanket, took him temperature, which turned out to be 101.8, got him some meds, and a bucket. How much do I rock?!

Well, all of that is just child's play compared to what I did next.

Internet, I cleaned up puke. Puke that wasn't my own. And I didn't even puke myself!

Yah. I win the Wife of the Year Award. And its only January 3rd.

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