Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stuff My Husband Says

My husband always comes out of the shower with the strangest thoughts. He comes out and is all "I've been thinking..". When that happens, I always know its going to be a good one.. This statement requires some back story. My sisters, both of them, have told me that they would have my baby for me if it comes to the point where I can't for some reason. Very nice offer. The other day, when my sister announced she was pregnant, I was a little depressed because my body hates me, and it was brought up again that one of them could carry my baby. He gets in the shower and comes out with this..
"If your sister does have your baby, do I have to watch it be born?"

What? LOL! As if I'm going to be all "Yah baby, please, get yourself a good look at my sister's hoo-ha!".


  1. My husband comes out of the shower with some pretty interesting thoughts too. I've had someone offer to carry a baby for me before. And it's from someone that's not even my friend. Very strange. Nice offer, but I think I'll pass. :)

  2. He ain't lookin at my hooha- omg that would be WEIRD!


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