Monday, January 11, 2010

TTC Monday

I think that Mondays might be the day where I blog about trying to conceive, as it has become a major part of my life. And I really owe my newfound confidence in talking about it, and my struggles to my new TTC Happy Hour friends. They are so brave and beautiful, and they know what I am going through, and what I am feeling.

I don't think that I have ovulated in at least two months. And trust me, I've been monitoring all the signs. I'm still doing the OPKs every day between cycles, to make sure I don't miss it. I constantly have pain in my right ovary area, with my history of cysts, it makes me so nervous. I am very glad that I have an appointment with my doctor coming up in the beginning of February. I've done everything he's told me to so far, been taking prenatal vitamins for almost two years, cut back on my diet coke, increased my exercise (as long as my head lets me). Trying to get more sleep. I've stopped taking tryptans for my migraines. I'm on a steady dose of Prozac (for anxiety and migraines), which I have okay'd with my doctor to take before and during pregnancy.

I've timed, charted, noted, and peed on test strips. Nothing. I'm ready to get this going, I can feel the expiration date on my poor little ovary getting closer and closer.

On the plus side, I haven't cried today.

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