Saturday, January 9, 2010

Prepare For Total Domination

This isn't a kinky sex post, so if thats what you are looking for, sorry. This post is about this coming up year. 2010 will be my bitch. These are some goals that I have set, and plans are getting underway..

  • I will get down to my desired goal weight.

  • I will take control of my healthcare by asserting myself when it comes to find a new Neurologist and what I do for my migraines.

  • I will not keep my feelings inside, but express them to my closest friends, hopefully keeping myself from getting too overwhelmed with things.

  • I will stop drinking Diet Coke (and all soda), this will take a while, but there is still 11 1/2 months left in the year!

  • I will not get depressed when things don't work out how I want them to.

  • I will remember to feed my fish twice a day.. (poor Sweeny Todd, Demon Betta of Mustang Road)

  • I will take a little time every day for myself, to reflect, relax, pamper, etc.

I am sure that there will be more. I would like to say that I will conceive in 2010, but that's not something I can control. But I can say that I HOPE I will conceive, I am going to my doctor in February to see what the deal is, make sure things are working, or if they aren't (like I suspect), what we can do to improve the situation.

2010, you are mine.

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