Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stuff My Husband Says

For Valentine's Day I made Dallas some homemade lasagna. It was my first time making it, and since it was just for him (I don't like tomatoes or onions), I was just going to make a small pan. He was soooo worried it wouldn't be enough, and I'm all "Babe, you're the only one eating it!".

While he was at work, I made it and put it in the fridge to bake later, and when he got home, he asked how many layers it was. Layers? By my count, there was 3 layers, and I thought he was going to have heart failure right there!

Him: THREE layers? You can't have a three layer lasagna. It needs to be like six layers, or 12 layers!

Me: TWELVE layers?! I'd have to have a pan as tall as this room to fit 12 layers in there!

Him: Everytime we go to Carino's or anywhere, its always AT LEAST six layers.

Me: It never looks that big to me.

Him: Well I promise you it is!

Me: Well, what counts as a layer?

Him: Layer one: noodle. Layer two: the cheesy stuff. Layer three: the meat sauce. Layer four: more cheesy stuff. Layer five..

Me: OH! Okay. Well then this is 12 layers.

Him: You shoulda just told me that to begin with!

I was counting the noodles as one layer, and so everything on top of that noodle was layer one, and so on. I guess I was wrong. After he saw it was happy, and he loved it, he ate two pieces! I should tell you now that he gets really bad acid reflux, and tomato sauce makes it worse, especially if its eaten too late, but he assured me it was early enough for him. Then at 3am, he was up puking. Yuck. Because of the acid reflux. I felt awful! The next morning this conversation took place via text message:

Me: I'm not going to make you lasagna anymore! Are you feeling better?

Him: Yah, I'm fine. You have to make it again.

Me: Um, no, it makes you sick!

Him: That just means you make really good lasagna.
Who can argue with that? He's just going to have to eat it for breakfast from now on!

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  1. I would have counted the layers the way you did too! haha

    Very cute post!


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