Monday, February 15, 2010

TTC Monday

Today is one week that I've been on the Metformin, and finally I think I am starting to feel better, of course today I'm also increasing my dosage. But fingers crossed that I don't start to feel bad. After a week of not being able to eat dinner, my husband goes "Sharon! You're freaking me out!". He's so funny. As of last week I am down 14 pounds, which is so awesome. I haven't weighed since I've been on this medication, but my doctor said it should help me lose a little more weight, which would be even more awesome.

This month I've pretty much taken a break from the temping and the OPKs. And it was nice. I so wish that getting pregnant would be something that would just happen naturally, and easily like it seems to do for most people. I'm a little jealous of the couples who don't ever have to go through the stress, pressure, heartache, and discouragement of trying to have a little munkchin. I can't imagine how easy it must be, because thats not the hand I was dealt, and I'm fine learning to be okay with that. I know that when I finally am able to say that I am pregnant, and have that beautiful child, and mold their little personalities, and watch them grow, all of the struggles and pain will be worth it. And I know that they will never ever have to wonder whether or not they were wanted, or if they were just an accident. They will know that they were loved so much before they were even here to feel the love.

And I think that will be a pretty special feeling.

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