Monday, February 8, 2010

TTC Monday

Due to a checkbook goof up, I wasn't able to start my Metformin until today. I am worried about the side effects that my doctor said more than 50% of people who take it get.. The nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Hopefully I'll be one of the people who don't get that. I also have anti-nausea medicine here at home because of the severe pukiness I get with my migraines. I'm excited to get Operation: Baby underweigh.

My sister was worried about my blood sugar bottoming out while taking this medication, but after reading info about it on various drug websites and the pamphlet that comes with the drug from the pharmacy, it says thats very rare. But I know the signs to look for if it does start to drop, so thats a good thing.

This part doesn't have anything to do with our trying to conceive, its just what happened to me today. I was involved in my first car accident. And it was not fun at all. I was going into work late because of my head, it was snowy outside, but the roads were not slick at all. I was stopped at a red light, already pretty tense (thats how my migraines roll), and someone hit me from behind hard. At first, I didn't know what happened. After what seemed like a few minutes, but was really just a couple of seconds, I realized I was just rear-ended. And then my mind went blank. I couldn't think of anything that I was supposed to do, I couldn't remember all the stuff they tell you to do when you're in a wreck. I didn't call the police, I didn't take any pictures. The lady that hit me got out, and came to my door and asked right away if I was okay, told me it was her fault and that she had insurance. I got out to see what the damage was, and it looked pretty bad to me, but I'm not a car person so I didn't know. The bumper is completely messed up, and my trunk was smashed open some (you can't really see that in the picture). She gave me all of her insurance info, and her name and number, and I gave her mine. She told me that she was completely stopped and her foot slipped of the brake pedal. It felt like she hit me a lot harder than that.

I missed the rest of work, Dallas came and got me since I was so shaken up. We took our car to our insurance agent, he helped us get in touch with the lady's insurance company. He also looked at my car and said that she had to have been going at least 20-25 miles per hour when she hit me. He told us we should go get an estimate on the car, that way when the adjuster comes to look at it, we'll have a point of reference on the cost that he gives. The guy at the collision place gave us an estimate of $2709, as long as there's not anything else that has to be done.

My shoulder, neck, and head were just killing me after a few hours so my husband told me I should go get it all checked out, just in case. My insurance wouldn't cover a visit to a doctor, only the ER, so we went there. The doctor said it was just tender, and probably would be for the next few days, and he gave me some pain meds and muscle relaxers. Right now, my whole body hurts, and my eyes are super tired from crying so much today. I cried a lot. I was pretty hysterical when I called my mother.

So all in all, its not been a good day. But the good thing about really bad days is that the next day doesn't have to do very much to be a much better one. I'm thinking as long as I don't get smashed into tomorrow, it'll be a pretty darn good day.

And, I will say that the lady that hit me was very nice and apologetic, she didn't try to make me feel bad or blame it on me. I really appreciate that. I might send her a thank-you card. Is that weird?


  1. Oh, you're going to be sore tomorrow :( So sorry to hear about the accident. I hope you feel better soon. I'm glad the lady was nice about it. Should be no question who's at fault for that.

    Hopefully Met. works well for you. I have a ttc friend that started that and usually O's on day 40 and O'd this month on CD 15. Hopefully it works that well for you.

    FX for you.

  2. @Randifity - Thanks for the follow : ) I have high hopes for the Metformin, hopefully it'll work without having to add the Clomid or anything!

  3. Aw, I'm so sorry you were in an accident! I had that happen to me about a month before we got married. Crappy thing was the lady that hit me didn't have any insurance. So I had to pay my deductible out of pocket. Ugh.

    I hope you start feeling better!

    Good luck with the Met. I'm crossing my fingers that you're part of the less than 50% that don't get those side effects.

  4. yay! I finally found your new blog Love the pic and layout btw!

    I am so sorry about the car accident! I have been in a couple and they are always so scary and stressful. I am just so glad that you are ok!

  5. @Kaitlin - Thanks, I wish I was too, but I've been so sick to my stomach all day.. Thank goodness for Ginger Ale and saltines!

    @Holly - Thanks! I'm totally a black and white kinda girl, and this layout just jumped at me. I actually followed the link on your page to find this layout, so thank you! ; )

    I hope you both grabbed my new button!

  6. Oy that doesn't sound like fun! At least she was nice. I don't think it's weird if you send her a card. =P


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