Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stuff My Husband Says

You know those Swiffer commercials that have been on lately, that show the old household tools being replaced by the new and awesome Swiffer counterparts? My husband loves those commercials. The one where the broom pops out of the onions at the grocery store sends him into hysterics. The other day we saw a new one, out of no where he comes up with this random thought:

What would happen if a broom and a rake got it on? Would they make a brake?! HAHAHAHA.
He laughs harder at his own jokes than anyone I know. And I love him for that!


  1. Yah, he is a funny dude. And his stupid corny jokes like that make life good : )

  2. He must have gone to the same comedy school as the guys in my family. I could totally see my dad saying something like that!


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