Friday, March 5, 2010

Just A Little Crush

I know its been a few days since I've blogged. I know! I'm such a slacker. But in my defense, yesterday was my birthday. And well, Wednesday was me freaking out about yesterday being my birthday. So you can see I was very busy. Luckily, I'm back just in time to give you lovelies another one of my crushes. This one is a big crush for me, probably because I am a lyric whore. Anyone who knows me knows about this whorishness I have with lyrics, and pens. Jesse Lacey is the singer and lyricist for the band Brand New. Amazing band. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. He writes amazing lyrics like "If looks could really kill, then my profession would be staring". I know, right! His voice has a beautiful quality to it. His eyes invade my soul (to quote from Say Anything).

And because secretly I've been trying to recruit you all into my lyric whore ring (no pimp though, we're like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman that way, we say who, we say when!), I'm going to give you the lyrics to my favorite Brand New song, and its in my top 5 favorite songs of all time. Enjoy!

The No Seatbelt Song

So, it's sad this doesn't suit you now.
And me fresh out of rope...
Please ignore this lisp, I never meant to sound like this.
So take me and break me and make me strong like you.
I'll be forever grateful to this and you.

It's only you, beautiful.
Or I don't want anyone.
If I can choose it's only you.

Fix me to a chain around your neck and wear me like a nickel.
Even new wine served in old skins cheapens the taste.
I shot the pilot, now I'm begging you to fly this for me.
I'm here for you to use, broken and bruised.
Do you understand?

It's only you, beautiful.
Or don't want anyone.
If I can choose, it's only you.

But how could I miscalculate... perfect eyes will have perfect aim.
If I can choose, it's only you.

“We're wrecking” and I'm dry like a drum...when you scream
so fine I'll leave... we're spent... we've got time and trials...
measured in miles... we slave for days (and weeks).

It's only you, beautiful.
Or I don't want anyone.
If I can choose. It's only you.

But how could I miscalculate... perfect lies from a perfect dame.

If I can choose... it's only you.


  1.'re one of those Brand New girls. ;P

    I kid, I kid. They rock socks.

  2. Happy Birthday!! He is pretty cute I will have to look up the band name! Since I am a wee bit OCD I am going to do it...right now!

  3. congrats on winning the blog makeover giveaway from Beckie's Infertility Journey!! :)

  4. hope you had a fabulous birthday - LOVE that song!

  5. Hey Chickie! Good news! You won the Sleepy Hollow DVD!!! I'm calling it a belated birthday present :-) Email me your mailing address.


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