Monday, March 8, 2010

TTC Monday

This post might have some TMI moments, so I'm warning you now. If you don't wanna know, don't read it. Because you can't unread it afterwards.

Today is CD17, I think. I think. Since I've randomly been bleeding every other day since then. Heavier than it was during the real deal. WTF?! I mean seriously, What The French, Toast!? Why am I going two months with no period, and then 2 1/2 weeks of on and off bleeding? How is this fair? Mother Nature, please explain this to me, please explain why are you are torturing me? Hmm? I'm waiting..

Cue the Jeopardy music..

Well fine, Mother Nature, you suck!

I've been fighting a migraine since Saturday night. We've had some serious weather fronts move through which just kills my head. And when I'm stuck in this 3 day migraine cycle, I start to question whether or not I should even be trying to get pregnant. What am I going to do when I am pregnant and get these killer migraines that last for days and days. I certainly can't take the Treximet. What am I going to do when I do have a baby and get a nasty one that keeps me in bed and unable to take care of myself. What am I going to do if I pass on this migraine disease to my child. Doesn't seem very fair. To me, or to my future baby. Maybe my migraine disease is a sign from God that being a mom isn't in his plan for me.


  1. I disagree. I think you are very much meant to be a mother. I don't believe some divine person pointed his finger and made it that you couldn't be a mother. And, when you become a mother, if you pass on your migraine disease, you will be supportive and help your child any way you can. Because you're completely awesome like that. -hugs-

  2. Okay, so I'm the crazy person that Jenny told you about that has also been stalking you. Anyway, you can never predict what you will or won't pass on to a child. If you knew you were going to have a child with Cerebal Palsy or Down's Syndrom, would you say nevermind? I think you'll be a great mom!

  3. You will be a fantastic mom! Don't ever doubt that. Migraines or not you will love and care for your child and as Jenny said, if it does get passed on to your baby, you will know better than anyone how to handle it. *hugs* You rock, remember? Don't ever forget that!

  4. I passed Migraine onto both my daughters. Two Migraineurs never had it so good.

    You'll be a marvelous Mommy. *hugs*

  5. God didn't wake up one day and think, "I don't think i'll give sharon a baby, I'll give her migraines." It's not how he works.

    My mother has suffered the same thing as you. And i'm not gonna lie, having my mother in bed for days at a time took a toll on the kids, me especially. That was my mom. I wanted her to play candyland with me, hang out, throw the ball around, shoot a few hoops. When she couldn't, I had to play in my room or do it by myself. And remember, I was an only child for 5 1/2 years before my brother came along to play with. I remember trying to find stuff to do to keep me occupied while mom was held up in a totally pitch black room, being as quiet as I could as to not bother her. It's hard as a kid.

    But she found a way around it. Sure some of it was medication, but a lot of it was just the realization that she was missing out on life. A realization, showing by this post, that you have come to. And it's a sucky realization.

    To this day I have seen my mom suffer days at a time to a migraine. Most of the time she pushes through it, sometimes she has to close herself up in her room. However, having something to keep her going (her new grandbaby) is what makes her push on.

    Maybe the fact that you could possibly be a mother one day (maybe soon!), and maybe seeing that plus sign on a pregnancy test is just what you need to set everything in motion for you to start to deal with these migraines and possibly even get rid of them.

    I know you, Sharon. And I know you stress out. And a stressed out TTC person is not a happy person (nor does it make for a happy baby. they feel everything in the womb and bring it out with them). That's why I had to transfer departments at work. I transferred out of one dept, into my old dept (lot less stress) and I concieved 2 months later! And of course with the help of Metformin, so you know it works!

    Maybe stop watching the weather and thinking "oh heads gonna kill me." becasue then your stuck waiting on it.

    And I know what you and alot of other people who suffer with chronic migraines are going to say..."She don't understand, she doesn't suffer with our problem." Maybe I don't, but I have had migraines of my own. 3 of my worst ones while I was pregnant. And you can't take ANYTHING for them when your pregnant. It sucked. But, just as you suffer with migraines, I have suffered the other side of them, the child that has watched someone she loves suffer for most of thier life. And it's not cool.

    I respect the final paragraph of your blog. It's hard to realize that it's not just trying to get pregnant that has proven to be an issue, but, also the aftermath. And the 1st couple months are the hardest after having a baby. It's a job all it's own.

    I also don't doubt that you'll be a fabulous mother and you'll kick these migraines one way or another.

    Sorry I have written a book. I just really respected this post. You know I love ya girl! Lots of luck to ya.

  6. You all have made my heart very happy, and I am very thankful for all of your comments. I heart you all!


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