Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Guess I'm Old

I'm sitting here in the living room at my father-in-law's house, and I've come to the conclusion that my rock show days are probably over. My father-in-law used to be a rock star of sorts. At one point, they were in the offices at Capitol Records negotiating a record deal and a plan to open for Tom Petty on tour. But as things do with young folk, things fell apart before anything was finalized. He still plays his guitar probably daily, and he's good. He plays loud and fast, and you see by his eyes and face how much he loves it. A funny story.. When Dallas and I first started dating, he lived with his dad, and we'd be in the bedroom, and he's be in his living room/stage playing. We heard him playing Juke Box Hero, only I hadn't heard the song before. It got stuck in my head. Honestly, I thought that he or hos band like, wrote the song. So a few weeks later when I randomly caught it on the radio I was all "Holy moly, this is Steve's song! On the radio!" and then the DJ said "And that was Foreigner..". Thank goodness I didn't get all braggy telling everyone that my boyfriend's dad wrote this awesome song.. LOL.

He got a new "classic reissue" guitar, and that is what he's showing off for us now, and after about ten minutes my head is already pounding. A few years ago, it wasn't anything for me to spend hours, in the front row, right by the speaker at a rock show. I did it often, and I loved it. Nothing was better than watching Bowling For Soup rock out and me being close enough to feel the music. I'm pretty sure that I'd be dead if I tried to do that now. My head is already killing me, and it was just one guy, with one guitar playing.

I guess this is what happens when you get old? You lose the ability to rock out like you used to? This makes me kind if sad. I'll just have to enjoy Bowling For Soup on CD at a reasonable volume. Next think you know I'll be eating dinner at 4pm, and bitching about youngins.
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  1. LOL I love you so much sweetie!

    I can still rock out at 49 years of age. I'm a musician and was pro for some years. When you're a musician or a fan (or when you're both), music is as deeply ingrained as mitochondrial DNA.

    Now that I'm retired on disability pension from Meniere's Syndrome and Migraine, I have to take certain precautions before cranking up the volume, and it's a special occasion sort of deal. In live performances, foam earplugs can be your best friends. A dose of a good antihistamine like Dramamine will be your next best friend. A good pair of shades will save you from the bad effects of the light show but still let you enjoy it.

    It's one of those, "ounce of prevention" kinds of things for me. Til death us do part, I'm married to music. And who knows? Maybe in heaven God will let me sing for Him sometimes. :)


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