Friday, April 30, 2010

Just A Little Crush

Good news yall.. The new blog design is complete! I KNOW! How fabulous is this?!?! I can't thank Alison and Becky enough. I am in love with it. So, if you have my button on your blog, you should trade it out, since this new one is completely hot!

And now for my crush this week.. Young James Stewart. I don't think you get any more classically good looking that him. My favorite movie feature this fetching some young man is Rear Window and Rope. He was a little older in those, but still just as adorable. And he was a fantastic actor.



  1. OMG your layout is amazingly adorable! I love it! I'll make sure to put your new button up <3

  2. LOVE the new layout :)

  3. OMG Im a sucker for young Jimmy too! So handsome!

  4. Love the layout!!! And the Finch quote (yet another awesome band).

  5. Its my favorite song lyric. Its like my mantra.


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