Monday, May 10, 2010

TTC Monday

Ah, Monday.

It's nearly come and gone now. And wowza, its been a rough one. The last time I heard, Oklahoma had about 20 tornadoes touch down today, starting about 2 pm or so. Insane. Some were a little too close for comfort, and some were far enough away, but caused so much damaged and terror. Here's a video of one of the tornadoes today, it says its over Yukon, Oklahoma, but I think it was really the one in Norman..

Today is cycle day 8. I have one more day of the Femara, and so far, I've not had any bad side effects, and I'm not too crazy. Maybe that is why he picked this drug. I make it a point to not read the side effects until after at least a day of taking a new medicine, because my brain is very open to the power of suggestion. The second I read "side effects may include:.." I experience them all. Its the same thing that ruins my Diet Coke. If I'm at restaurant, and I order a Diet Coke, and Dallas orders a Coke, and the server brings them and says "I think this one is the diet coke", they might as well just take mine away. My mind will automatically think that its Coke, and it will not taste good. My mind is strange place. The moral of that story is Servers: be confident in your drink placement. And I might need therapy..

Anyway.. The only side effect that I really have is hot flashes. Its lovely having my own personal summers. NOT. (wow, I totally just reverted back to 3rd grade). They haven't been too bad, but now maybe I know what my Gramma was talking about when she said the lights were making it really hot. ; )

I'm afraid of the new hope that I have from starting the Femara. I higher my hopes get, the further down I have to fall if it doesn't work. And what planet am I living on that I think it will work the first go-round? Well, its called Planet Sharon, where our minds are strange, we cry over everything, and we have high hopes (high apple pie in the skyyyyyyyy hopes, sing with me!). Luckily, I know that my family, my good friends, and my TTC Happy Hour and twitter-peeps will be there to help me back up if I need it, or to help me keep my balance as I fly high. I'm a very lucky gal.



  1. every time I get to do something differently like take shots at different times or whatever I am sure that it's going to be THE TIME because he changed it up for a reason. That said I take femara myself and either I don't have side effects or don't think that I do. With clomid I was a mess.

  2. Wishing you all the luck with this cycle!! I just added your button! ;-)


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