Friday, May 7, 2010

Wait, What Day is This?

Today is cycle day 5. Today is the first day I've felt semi-human in about 10 days.

I faxed over my charts of everything to Jeffrey Tambor on Tuesday. And because I've basically been outta commission all week, I didn't realize that today was Friday. I mean, I knew it was Friday, but I didn't realize what that meant. It meant that today was also CD5, and I hadn't heard from Jeffrey Tambor yet! I called his office today, left my voicemail with my cell number and my pleading message about calling me soon.

And then I remembered I walked out the door without my phone. WITHOUT MY PHONE!

So I call back, leave another voicemail, unintentionally telling my whole morning fiasco story, and leaving my direct line at work for them to call. How embarrassing.

Thankfully, the nurse called me back fairly shortly, Mr Tambor is going to call in Femara for me to take. She says "Make sure you take it cycle day 5 - 9". I gave her the phone number to my pharmacy, thrilled that I'm finally getting somewhere. Then she calls me back, and tells me I gave her the wrong number. I so did not give her the wrong number, I was looking at it when I gave it to her. Somehow, it took her about 4 times before got ahold of the pharmacy. I'm not sure what the hold up was, but I had like a mini-panick attack. What if my pharmacy burned down while I was at work and thats why she can't get through?! What if we try to call it into another pharmacy and it doesn't happen in time and I miss today and have to wait another month?! What if this is the first sign of the apocalypse?! Yah, Yah. I know, I'm a freaker-outer.

But it wasn't the first sign. She got it called in, Dallas picked it up, and I took it.

On cycle day 5.


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